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Stay warm & dry diving this Winter

Soft and comfortable like a wetsuit, but keeps you warm and watertight like a dry suit. The Scubapro Everdry4 was created for demanding and recreational divers wanting easy-to-wear advanced dry suit protection.

Scubapro Everdry4 Dry Suit features:

  • 4mm high density neoprene – ensures better protection & buoyancy stability at depth.
  • Featuring Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves.
  • Soft flexible neoprene socks, fitting a broad range of feet.
  • Convenient and roomy hip pocket.
  • Reversed construction rolling neoprene neck seals.
  • Easy-to-repair neoprene wrist seals for no-leak insulation.
  • Elastic, adjustable & removable suspender system for a better fit.
  • 5/6.5mm anatomically shaped hood.

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