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Canning Vale

Dive Locker Canning Vale (Perth Scuba)  is Western Australia’s largest Dive Shop and PADI Career Development Centre. With over 650 metres of retail floor space, 2 large modern air conditioned classrooms, Presentation Theatre, Buddy Lounge, Scuba Museum and dedicated Technical diving, Underwater Photography and Videography store, Perth Scuba is your one stop shop when it comes to Scuba Diving in Perth.

Dive Locker Canning Vale PADI Career Development Centre

Perth Scuba offers training from the world’s number one diver training agencies in both Recreational and Technical Diving with the PADI and TDI training systems. Perth Scuba is a PADI Career Development Centre, showing that Perth Scuba is committed to excellent diver training and education at all levels. Perth Scuba can lead the way from Open water through to Instructor or to Technical Diving to 60 metres, there are no limits at Perth Scuba.

Perth Scuba’s hand picked professional Instructors and Course Directors are the best in Perth. They are all very keen divers who are trained to make sure your dive courses are not only safe – but fun. Perth Scuba’s shop staff, are also highly trained professionals with a minimum of Dive Master level so when you are talking about diving, the Perth Scuba guys and girls know what they are talking about.

Perth Scuba carries all of the worlds leading brands of dive equipment with the names you know and trust.. Perth Scuba has been the Scubapro Australian Dealer of the year for the last 4 years running and has won many Environmental awards from PADI Asia Pacific. 2009 saw Perth Scuba nominated for 3 awards taking out the Project AWARE Award for the second year running. In 2012 we became the only PADI Career Development Centre in Western Australia. We are very proud of our achievements over the last 8 years since our opening and look forward to many more.

Perth Scuba has the most active dive club in Western Australia with weekly free dive events and regular local and international travel. Our club boasts over 5000 members and is growing by the day so there is never a reason not to be able to find a dive buddy at Perth Scuba.